About us

about us

The people behind the event

OC president / 
Daniel Schärer


Project management

Kathrin Sonderegger

atworx AG

Infrastructure /

Martin Himmelsbach

Himmelsbach Event Support


Viola Schurich



Fabienne Zürcher

atworx AG

Volunteers management

Monika Viggiano

Benevol Zug 


Traffic / order / security
Reto Blesinger

Blesinger Sicherheits Dienste GmbH


This year’s Zug SEEfest is being organised by ZugSPORTS. The events and marketing agency, atworx AG, has been commissioned with the project management.

ZugSPORTS is already the organiser of the ZugSPORTS festival with over 20,000 visits and Aegeri-on-Ice with over 30,000 visitors.

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Little by Little
Gradually, the night festival by the lake became the SEEfest for the entire population of Zug, whether for natives, non-natives or international expats.

Local partners, local resources – everything to do with the SEEfest comes from a radius of no more than 30 km.

ZugSPORTS would like to contribute sustainably to the quality of life in the Zug region. The Zug SEEfest is to be organised carefully, sustainably and durably and always takes place in concert with the city, residents, partners etc.


Starting position
The Zug Seefest, organised by the FFZ Zug [volunteer fire-fighters],was cancelled. Everyone was really upset, because they wanted one of the most beautiful and favourite events in the greater Zug area to take place.

So, the OK was quickly obtained for the ZugSPORTS club, and city of Zug accepted the bid. The concept remains fundamentally the same, but has been modernised and refreshed.


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